Satmaster Pro Training Courses

These independent companies provide training courses both in using Satmaster Pro software and other aspects of satellite communications.


Application Technology Strategy LLC.
Application Technology Strategy Inc, our long time partner, provides detailed training courses on link budget preparation including the use of Satmaster Pro. There is a lower limit to the numbers for a course to be economically viable so please contact Bruce Elbert directly to discuss your company training requirements.

Contact: Bruce Elbert
Telephone: +1 512-943-0454,
Mobile: +1 310 918 1728
fax: +1 512-943-0455


BDE Space
BDE Space
Based near Oxford in Southern England, BDE Space is an engineering consultancy offering training courses. They also have extensive experience in the design of Satellite communications systems.

Contact: David Bookham
Telephone: +44 (0)1235 567181
Beaconseek Ltd
Beaconseek Ltd. provide 'off the shelf' training courses, either at their own or at their customer's premises which include link budget principles (using Satmaster Pro), earth station operations and SNG. They also conduct SNG training courses every May and October at the University of Bedfordshire.

Contact: Jonathan Higgins
Telephone: +44 (0)1582 842717